Air Cleaning for a modern indoor environment

Berkley Lab’s website outlines indoor air cleaning in several methods such as particle filters and UV Germicidal light with notable health benefits.


Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal light is used to effectively kill the bacteria and viruses in the air particles. With UV light intensity high enough, some fungi can also be killed. The lamps can be installed near the ceiling or in air ducts. When installed in ducts, they can also irradiate the wet cooling coils and drain pans present in HVAC systems, effectively reducing the growth of mold and bacteria. UV germicidal systems can be more likely to reduce respiratory infections in crowded spaces.


Particle filtration technologies are well established and widely available. Energy costs and efficiency are likely to increase over time without proper maintenance and replacement of parts and filters. Guidance for the selection and use of air cleaners and air filters in the home are available in documents available for download from a web site of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Read the Berkley Lab Reference: Air Cleaner