The Challenge

Stay Ahead of the Competition

With occupancy at unprecedented lows, an inability to plan for lockdowns, an industry struggling to stay competitive, and changing public priorities regarding indoor health and safety, how is your property holding up?


From staffing concerns, to the rising cost of daily consumables and change in guest expectations of cleanliness and sanitization, now is the time for leadership to carefully consider new ways to innovate and revitalize a hurting industry.


How to Stay Competitive in These Times

Protection in the lobbies

Offering a guest experience of microbioligically pure, water, in every tap. Eliminating the need for plastic bottles.

Proudly displayed in lobby, educating your guests about indoor pollution, forward thinking and commitment to health and public safety.

The Stakeholders

What’s In It For Them?


  • Confident occupant
  • Clean water in every tap
  • Less plastic waste
  • Health & Safety

Condo Board

  • Recognition as forward thinking
  • Staying ahead of shifting public priorities
  • No capital costs

Property Manager

  • Ability to handle guest safety inquiries with confidence
  • Staff Safety

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