Clear Air


Your Air Should be Clear

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Breathe Easier With Clear.

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We believe that everyone should breathe clean air and drink pure water.


What you can't see can still harm you.

Right now, more than ever, you want to have confidance in the air you breathe, the water you drink and the surfaces you touch. That's the vision of Clear.

Component breakdown

Stage 1

The Pre-Filter

First, Clear catches and filters out dust, pollen, insects, animal hair and other large particles.

Stage 2

The Ray-Filter

This patented triple filtration system includes:


HEPA Filter

99.98% effective


Carbon layer

Absorbs VOCs and bad odors


Smart copper fabric

A smart fabric consisting of a copper layer filter the filters viruses, bacteria, and more

Stage 3

The Stereonizer

Our patented bipolar ionizer. The Sterionizer generates positive and negative ions – just like those found in nature – the purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating harmful pollutants.

Stage 3


This important final stage neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and parasites by destroying the proteins on the cell membrane. That’s a particularly reassuring thought today.