The challenge

Shifting Buyer Priorities

Today’s ever increasing health and safety awareness, condo buyer priorities are rapidly shifting from wellness focused buildings to healthy buildings.


From the choice of building materials and their sources to the short and long-term quality of the air and water systems incorporated into them; condo buyers are demanding innovation from developers.


Future proof your buildings by adopting a proactive approach and incorporating  new cutting edge technologies to instill peace of mind and stay ahead of the competition.


How to Stay Competitive in These Times​

Clear indoor air in all common areas.

Microbiologically pure water in every tap.

Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating cutting edge technologies and adopting a proactive approach toward public health and safety

The Stakeholders

What’s In It For Them?


  • Confident Resident
  • Competitive Edge
  • Education
  • Health & Safety
  • Increase in property values


  • Recognition as forward thinking
  • No capital costs
  • Staying ahead of shifting public priorities

Property Manager

  • Ability to handle safety inquiries with confidence
  • Staff Safety


  • World class equipment trusted by leading pharmaceutical companies efforts
  • Zero maintenance required, all maintenance required by Clear certified staff


  • Service Agreements drated by leading industry Counsel


  • Robust co-ordinated social media and PR

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