EPA shows links to Student Health and Academic Performance and Air Quality

In November 2012, the EPA found research suggesting a school’s air quality and physical environment play a major role in academic performance.

  • Leaky roofs and water infiltration can lead to mould and fungus accumulation
  • Problems with maintaining heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, known as (HVAC) lead to increased operating costs and poor health
  • Both insufficient cleaning and excessive use of cleaning chemicals is not helping with air quality


Maintenance issues can agitate health problems — such as asthma and allergies —increasing absenteeism and poor academic performance. Improvements in the school air quality can enhance academic performance, as well as teacher and staff productivity and retention.


High performance design in academic buildings can have a positive health effect and have been shown to enhance student learning. Good indoor air quality is essential for good health. Good design produces with proper lighting, air temperature, humidity and noise levels reduces distractions and can boost academic performance.


To learn more, read the Quick Reference Guide for Student Health and Academic Performance.