Health Canada – Guidance on Waterborne Bacterial Pathogens

Health Canada’s current public website publication (2014-02-18) on “Guidance on Waterborne Bacterial Pathogens” indicates UV light technology as viable for improving Canada’s water quality.


The consumption of drinking water with poor sanitary quality has been linked to illnesses in human populations but monitoring remains difficult and impractical.  Health Canada suggests the best means of safeguarding against the presence of waterborne pathogens (including non-faecal bacterial pathogens) in drinking water is with a multi barrier approach, which includes treatment, a well-maintained distribution system and, in the case of enteric bacteria, source protection.


Contamination problems involving waterborne bacterial pathogens can occur in water systems beyond the water treatment plants’ distribution network, such as plumbing systems or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


UV Treatment technology

In the majority of treatment and disinfection studies evidence generated to date suggests that the proper application of water treatment and disinfection technologies such as UV disinfection solutions will be capable of controlling strains of pathogenic and non-pathogenic E. coli in drinking water.


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