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Clear utilizes the same technology used to purify water in the beverages we all drink. We bring our water technology to purify water in residential buildings, making every drop of water at your home microbiologically purified.


By adding Clear’s UV water purification system to your buildings, you are providing an essential service your tenants need and ensuring the highest standard of water quality. Protect your building from:

Bottom line

By implementing Clear’s technology in your buildings, you are able to increase your building’s value due to advantages our systems provide:


Differentiate your brand as innovative and health-focused by providing the highest standard of water quality than your competitors


CLEAR UV is an energy efficient, effective, and ASHRAE-compliant method for managing Legionella in your water systems.Compared to ASHRAE’s default Legionella management approach, CLEAR UV can save your property 1-10% of total energy consumption.


Legislation continues to be introduced which mandates property owners to actively monitor for waterborne pathogens in their water systems. The health-status of properties are becoming increasingly transparent which increases the burden of risk management on property owners. CLEAR UV is an affordable, effective and complete approach for managing the microbiological risks in your properties’ water system.


CLEAR is the perfect solution for your ESG initiatives. CLEAR significantly reduces emissions footprint and improves public health.

Integrated Technologies

The world’s smartest data-driven air purification system based on military grade technology.

Hydro-Optic UV Water System engineered to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, resulting in microbiologically pure water.

Clear’s advanced air and water sensors tracking in real time some of the major indoor health indicators and providing 24/7 clear visual to management, guests and users

CLEAR-certified experts seamlessly integrate CLEAR technologies into your properties infrastructure without disruption to property functionality or aesthetics.

CLEAR AI remotely monitors real-time data to preemptively predict the need for maintenance, ensuring system integrity and preventing head-aches to onsite engineers.

CLEAR-certified experts and CLEAR AI monitoring allows CLEAR to guarantee system functioning. CLEAR is there ahead of any problems.

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The CLEAR-equipped logo signifies to guests that health and wellbeing are prioritized and protected with world-leading purification technologies.
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