Healthy indoor air and water is a
right, not a privilege

The Future is Clear

We aim to improve public health and safety, bring a higher standard of indoor healthy living to high-rise residential and commercial communities, by integrating cutting-edge water and air purification technologies. 

The Challenge

Our Buildings Are Sick

Our Buildings are Sick 40% of buildings in North America are considered ‘sick’ and this has evolved into one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century.


What is Sick Building Syndrome?



Tested by leading medical institutes on live coronavirus and using patented technology, our Air Systems purify, cleanse and disinfect indoor air while vigilantly monitoring quality in real-time.


Designed to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, our Hydro-Optic UV Water System yields pharmaceutical grade, microbiologically pure water without the
use of chemicals.

What The World
Needs Is Clear

As a real estate and hospitality entrepreneur for over 30 years, I have come to understand the significant health challenges presented by indoor air and water pollution.


Although many health organizations and medical authorities across the globe have waved red flags for decades, very few, if any, tangible solutions have been presented in the market. While smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have become a part of building regulations, nothing, thus far, has been done to regulate water and air quality inside our structures.


I founded CLEAR to provide a holistic solution to what is, in my view, one of the 21st century’s major public health challenges: Sick Building Syndrome. We have come up with, what we believe, are CLEAR, simple and sophisticated solutions.


The time for change is now. Let’s respect human life and the planet by making our buildings and communities safer.

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Gil D. Blutrich
Founder & CEO


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