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CLEAR & Simple

CLEAR was founded to offer simple, clear, sustainable solutions to help individuals, businesses, and communities improve their health. We use cutting edge technology to create healthier indoor spaces that protect people and our environment.


We aim to improve public health and safety by delivering clear indoor air and water through the use of cutting edge technologies. We commit to elevating awareness of what, we believe, is one of the
greatest challenges of the 21st Century: Sick Building Syndrome.


We strongly believe that clean indoor air and water is a right,  not a privilege.


We aim to achieve our mission and values  by becoming a trusted world integrator for holistic indoor health technologies.

Join Our team

If our mission and vision excites you, values resonate and you feel the call to join a dynamic team, we invite you to apply for a position at CLEAR.


Gil Butrich
founder & CEO

Visionary. 30+ year real estate entrepreneur, hotelier and philanthropist. Executive Director of the Canada-Israel Chamber of Commerce. Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Recognized by Conde Naste. Toronto, Miami and Tel Aviv based.

Alessandro Cernuto​​
Products & Sales

Expert. 14+ year entrepreneur and third generation water professional. Developed water solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Toronto based.

Johana Orozco
Operations & Finance

Mathematician+. Accounting professional with extensive experience working with condominium corporations, condo corporate governance and Reserve Fund Studies. Project management degree. Legal contract review. Toronto based.