Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Water

Q: What is the Hydro-Optic System?

A: Aqua-Optic is a pharmaceutical grade water treatment system that will produce 99.99% microbiologically pure water.

Q: How does the Clear Aqua-Optic / water purification work?

A: Our system uses our patented TIR (Total Internal Reflection) technology to sterilize and purify your water with help from our advanced UV lights.

Q: What are the benefits of the Aqua-Optic System?

A: The Aqua-Optic System will protect you and your family from bacteria, viruses and pathogens that may be lurking in your water, Aqua-Optic will protect your buildings infrastructure and provide 99.99% microbiologically pure water for your entire building community.

Q: How would the system be installed in our Building?

A: Clear’s team of professional master plumbers and technicians will install and commission the Aqua-Optic system at the building’s point of entry so that we ensure all taps will be treated.

Q: Would the system increase our water and electricity cost?

A: Our system will produce ZERO waste and will not have a significant effect on your electrical costs.

Q: Does the Clear Aqua-Optic add any chemicals to purify the water?

A: Aqua-Optic is a chemical free solution.

Q: what quality of water shall the community expect from the Clear Aqua-Optic System?

A: 99.99% microbiologically pure water.

Q: How is the water quality monitored?

A: Water quality is monitored remotely 24/7.

Q: Does the Clear Aqua-Optic water purification system have any health risks?

A: Clear’s Aqua-Optic water system will only be beneficial to your health and will not negatively affect your health even if the system were to malfunction.

Q: How frequent are the systems maintained/serviced?

A: The system is monitored 24/7 and will be routinely maintained throughout the year to ensure optimal performance by Clear’s certified technicians.

Q: Would this system interfere with the operation of any of the Condominium building equipment like boilers and pumps?

A: Clears Aqua-Optic will not interfere with any of your building’s existing equipment.

Q: What is the warranty of the Clear Aqua-Optics?

A: Clear guarantees that the Aqua-Optic will always perform at an optimal level.

Q: Can we buy the system?

A: Clear is a subscription service that offers industry leading air and water purification systems to building communities. We do this because our equipment requires qualified technicians to ensure that our sophisticated machinery will function at an optimal level. 

Q - Are there any risks to installing this system?

A – No, our systems are specifically engineered to work perfectly in residential buildings and are monitored 24/7 to ensure everything is working at optimal levels.

Q - How come the Clear system is more cost effective than purchasing bottled water and under the sink systems?

A – Our system is centralized and installed at the building’s point of entry and because of this, the cost is divided amongst a large number of people allowing the whole building to benefit from a superior solution at a much more cost effective price.

Q - How come the Clear system is more cost effective than purchasing bottled water and under the sink systems?

A – System maintenance is included in your subscription fee.

Q - Will our water pressure be affected?

A – Our systems are always customized to your building needs and will never affect your water pressure.

Q - Do we need to purchase the machine?

A – It’s a subscription service that can be stopped at any time.* restriction may apply.

Q - Do you provide testing of our water?

A – Your water quality is monitored 24/7 remotely and Clear’s Aqua-Optic System is constantly analyzing incoming water water quality, so that it can adjust its UV Dose for optimized treatment.

Q - Does your system provide healthy drinking water?

A – Yes, our system is used by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and produces 99.99% microbiologically pure water, free of viruses and pathogens at every tap.

Q - Are your installers certified?

A – Our team is composed of mechanical/HVAC engineers and certified master plumbers.

Q - Will your system affect our plumbing system?

A – Our system is designed and specifically calibrated to work with your existing plumbing system.


Frequently asked questions about clear air

A: Clear’s Sterionizer is a Bipolar Ionization module that brings natural air quality to your living environment.

A: The Clear Air system sends air quality information via Wi-Fi to our headquarters that is monitored 24/7.

A: There is no risk to installing Clear’s Air Purification System.

A: The Steronizer is installed in elevators, ducts and/or corridors.

A: The Steronizer is ROHS, UL, CE and CB certified.